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We also carry on board a wheel bearing press - so any bearings found to be faulty when service being carried out, this enables us to replace on site.Saving you from having to go to a workshop.

Having a regular service on your caravan would detect early signs of any damp problems and would save you the unnecessary expence of having to have a large damp repair carried out on your pride & joy!!

We are independently assessed under the guildines of The National Caravan Council - Approved Workshop Scheme

This damp repair was carried out due to the window rubber seal failed. Wallboard & wood frame was removed & replaced and new rubber seal fitted to the window.

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This repair was a full back panel replacement.

The above repair was carried out due to the awning rail seal breaking down & the seal around the window, has you can see damp has started at the top and worked its way down to the bottom of the wallboard - all the wood frame, wallboard & damp was completley removed. The whole area was then completely replaced with a new wood frame & new wallboard. The window was replaced with new window seal and the awning rail was also cleaned & resealed. Then all fixtures & fittings were replace professionally!

Professional Repairs - All our work is fully insured & comes with a guaranteeWe also undertake all types of Insurance Repairs * Delamination Floor Repairs * Awning Rail Reseals *Window Rubber Replacements *Damp Repairs* Window Replacements*

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